Running For A Cause

This November, as I reflect upon the many things I am grateful for in my life, I am choosing to run for the Y and help them raise money to support their efforts to help youth and families in our community that may not be as fortunate.

The West Valley Family YMCA has changed the lives of youth and families throughout the San Fernando Valley. Strengthening the foundations of our community is their cause. I ask you to join me in that cause by donating, joing my team or creating a team of your own.

They say it takes a village to support a child. Let's unite our efforts and be that village. 

Please help support my efforts by donating today. Together We Can Do So Much More!

The YMCA Missile Run will take place on Sunday, November 15 through Sunday, November 22. Join hundreds of runners to support the Y!


There are two ways you can complete your Virtual Missile Run:

1)   WALK/RUN OUTDOORS. Head outdoors to your local hiking trail, streets or a treadmill! All you need is a smart device to track your distance. We encourage you to time yourself so you can submit your results! Below are a few of our suggested ways to track your distance. Feel free to use your own preferred app or device if it’s not on our list.

  • iPhone: In the “Health” app under the activity tab, you can see how many miles you’ve walked or ran per day. Head to the “Summary” page and hit “Edit” to add Walking + Running Distance to your summary page.
  • Fitbit: Use your Fitbit to track the distance walked or ran.
  • Apple watch: Open the Activity app on your Apple Watch and you can view how many miles you have walked or ran.

2)   RUN/WALK AT THE GYM. Do you have a gym membership? Head to your local gym and use a treadmill to accomplish your 2 miles, 5K or 10K walk/run. Looking for a great gym? Check out the YMCA!

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