There is great need for the YMCA in Los Angeles – within a 3 mile radius of our Downtown location the median household income for a family is $26,330 and only 55% of community members are high school graduates (2013 ACS 5-Year Population Estimate). Families in our area face daunting issues such as childhood obesity and the academic achievement gap, but as one of the most trusted non-profits in the country, The Y is able to create programs to address these concerns and strengthen the community. Your Stair Climb donations help us ensure that everyone has equal access to our programs, regardless of their ability to pay by allowing us to offer more scholarships and expand our reach.

Here's how we are making a difference at the Ketchum-Downtown YMCA:

YOUTH                                                                  TEENS ALL AGES
Youth Sports  Youth & Government Summer Camp 
Preschool & Childcare  Teen Programs Youth & Family Health Initiative 

Growing Young Minds Afterschool Program 

YMCA Get Summer

Membership Assistance

Your Stair Climb donations make an impact by supporting all of these programs at once! Watch the videos below to find out more about the YMCA and to hear inspiring stories from former Stair Climb participants.



The Ketchum-Downtown YMCA is a branch of the YMCA of Metropolitan Los Angeles, a non-profit with Tax ID: 95-1644052.